Organika ~ An Acoustic Album – ClaraC


Organika ~ An Acoustic Album ~

Release Date : 30/9/2013

Genre : Alternative Folk, Pop

Language :  English

Track List

1.  Nayelli

2.  Heartstrings (Remixed)

3.  Wanting What I Need

4.  You’ve Got It All

5.  Quesadilla

6.  One Look

7.  Offbeat

8.  Fish

It’s not my first time listening to humble and down-to-earth ClaraC. In fact, I’ve been a fan of hers for quite a while now since she’s impressively unique and unfortunately underrated (hence why I’ve decided that my next music-related post has to be about her and her music even though she doesn’t have a new album out yet). It’s not that I’m saying that she has to be mainstream, I’m saying that more people need to listen to her because it’s not everyday you stumble upon a singer-songwriter/YouTuber who makes the songs she covers into something new (Titanium,and Thrift Shop), who gives a fresh and airy feel to her original songs (Rye and Things Untold), and who is the first English-singing Asian-American with such great musical talent I’ve ever come across.

Seriously, you should give ClaraC a go! Check her out on YouTube and if you like her music, you can buy them on iTunes too~


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