Yankee — Kenshi Yonezu



Release Date : 23/4/2014

Genre : Alternative Rock

Language : Japanese

Track List

1.  リビングデッド・ユース (Living Dead Youth)

2.  Mad Head Love

3.  Wooden Doll

4.  Eine Kleine [アイネクライネ] (A Little)

5.   メランコリーキッチン (Melancholy Kitchen)

6.  Santa Maria {Album Version}

7.  花に嵐 (Flowers and Storms)

8.  海と山椒魚 (The Sea and a Salamander)

9.  しとど晴天大迷惑 (The Great Problem of Being Drenched in Fine Weather)

10.  眼福 (Feasting Eyes Upon)

11.  ホラ吹き猫野郎 (Bragging Cat Dude)

12.  Toxic Boy

13.  百鬼夜行 (Demon Parade)

14.  Karma City

15.  ドーナツホール (Donut Hole)

[Note: Translations may not be accurate.]

Kenshi Yonezu is a Japanese singer-songwriter who practically rose to fame via the Vocaloid-way (He’s a producer under the name Hachi, not a utaite). Still, that doesn’t mean that he can’t sing! And, he’s a great illustrator too with proof being the album cover and the illustration booklet for both this album and Diorama.

Anyway, his voice and the melodies rather unique and catchy. Plus, the lyrics are deep to various degrees.  It’s quite hard to describe this album but I definitely love it. You can check out some of his songs on his YouTube channel or you can search for them on Nico Nico Douga as well~ Have a look at his official site too if you’re up to it; just remember that it’s in Japanese!


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