The Donor by Helen Fitzgerald


Warning: Spoilers

When I read the first chapter of the book, I thought ‘Crap, did Will kill himself in the end just to save his daughters?!’ and hurriedly proceeded to finish the whole story. Fortunately (sort of), he didn’t but I have to say that it’s the most messed up book that I’ve ever read. Not in the sense of storyline or the twists but rather, the confusing changes of POVs. I couldn’t even figure out who’s the other POV that I was reading until I read a good number of chapters. Georgie. It was Georgie that I had been reading about in the POV other than Will’s. Honestly, I could guess that it belonged to one of the twins since it had to be a girl’s POV, but I would’ve liked it better if their names were placed before each POV change because that would’ve save all the confusion I had reading.

On top of that, there’s a lot of drug-abuse, alcohol, sex and weirdos here. I placed it under “because the runaway mom’s a junkie”. Still, it was a rather disturbing read and honestly, I skipped a bunch of pages (mostly the sex scenes) so I saved myself from a handful of them. Though, even with a few parts missing from my mind, the characters—or well, the story is just messed up. I admit that I was surprised that Will’s not the blood father of Georgie and Kay (because I didn’t think as far as Cynthia was actually screwing Heath all along) but I love how they choose him as their real father no matter what…Okay fine, Heath as their chosen father would be a dumb choice because he’s a criminal but still, I liked how Georgie opened up to her father in the end. I liked how the twins got the kidneys they needed; I liked how they and Will were a better family in the end. Though, that doesn’t mean that Will is any less messed up. I mean, sure he’s a dedicated father who wanted to commit suicide just so he could save both his daughters but yearning the “perfect goodbye, the heart-wrenching note” which is actually Heath’s fake suicide note?  Bloody hell!

You know what? I change my mind too. Everything about this book is messed up. Like some, I thought that I was buying a heart-breaking, beautiful story about family, love and loss, and boy, was I wrong. Although I don’t actually regret buying this book (I bought it for less than half the price anyway), it’s an entirely dark, twisted story. And, that’s just a nice way of putting it.

The harsher way? This book is so f-ed up. Seriously.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars.

Because, I liked the things I stated and because I liked the description at the back of the book.


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