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Book Haul! #2

You’re probably thinking, ‘What on earth is wrong with you?’ Right? Right, because I bought a new bunch of books despite not reading all of the ones I bought in the previous book haul yet. I’m sorry but my bookworm-self couldn’t help it. I just couldn’t, especially since I’ve waiting to buy this trilogy for more than a year or so already, ahahaha…(^▽^;)ゞ

(I not sure if this counts as a book haul post too, by the way….)

SAM_0515 (Medium)

Yup, the trilogy I’m talking about is the one and only Théâtre Illuminata series by Lisa Mantchev~! Aren’t the covers so pretty?! They’re initially what attracted me but the plot sounds just as interesting~

SAM_0514 (Medium)

And yes, I got them from Bookalicious! which is an absoblutely heavenly book paradise. In fact, it has a larger variety of books compared to the big bookstore chains in my country and I’ve a feeling that I’d become a regular of sorts sooner or later, haha.

Fingers crossed that I have time to read these books soon OTL


JpegSo Blue Bright xD


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