Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev

eyes like stars

Warning: Spoilers

Eyes like Stars by Lisa Mantchev is the first in the Théâtre Illuminata trilogy and I have to say that the idea for it is a truly captivating one—like its cover, though I was not pleased with the romance department of this story.

Honestly, the setting, imaginations and everything were beautiful for this book. Yes, it was confusing at times but I enjoyed picturing the story and I certainly did not expected some of the twists in the book at all! However, like I’ve stated, I’m disappointed with the romance. It was like all that beautiful imagery went down the drain the moment I found similarities between the romance of Bertie, Ariel and Nate, and Bella, Edward and Jacob. Seriously, you have a bloody dashing pirate who truly cares for you yet you still have affections for an air spirit who’s a charmer of sorts? Really? I mean, I can imagine the appeal in Ariel because he’s supposedly gorgeous, charming and all but you’ve a crush on Nate, Bertie! It’s the reason why you dyed your hair blue in the first place! And, Ariel abandoned you. A. B. A. N. D. O. N. E. D.  Y. O. U. And, he used you. U. S. E. D.  Y. O. U. Has your brain lost its sensibility, Bertie?! Or, did the cigarettes and trouble-making take its toll on you? Oh, and let’s not forget that Nate got kidnapped by a friggin’ Sea Goddess because of you and yet there you are, more concerned about Ariel and a play instead of Nate. How could you be another typical two-dimensional “heroine”?! HOW COULD YOU?!

I have to say, I was so close to being furious when my friends were proven right that Bertie would somehow end up with Ariel. Why can’t it be Nate? Why? Sure, a lot of girls like their bad boys and sure, the story wouldn’t be as much dramatic or even rile up just as much emotion if Bertie had strictly stuck to the “No Ariel” policy, but still, she practically chained him to the theatre and threatened to murder him for Pete’s sake. Only to what? Release him afterwards?! Don’t forget the part where she stupidly drinks from Alice’s “Drink Me” bottle, got drunk to some degree and was serenaded by the air spirit before he stole The Book (the “glue” to the theatre and the players and all) from her.  I was so proud and so thrilled that I was finally reading a story with a lead character like Bertie but that happiness was obviously smashed the moment she gave into Ariel’s charms again.

I’m hoping so much that Bertie ends up with Nate at the end of the trilogy or else I’m going to be pissed, unless Ariel redeems himself—not to Bertie’s standards but to my standards.

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars


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