The Balcony — Catfish and the Bottlemen


The Balcony

Release Date : 12/9/2014

Genre : Alternative Rock

Language : English

Track List

1.  Homesick

2.  Kathleen

3.  Cocoon (Explicit)

4. Fallout (Explicit)

5. Pacifier

6.  Hourglass (Explicit)

7. Business (Explicit)

8.  26

9.  Rango

10.  Sidewinder

11. Tyrants

Catfish and the Bottlemen is a British (indie) rock band that I stumbled upon thanks to The Pretty Reckless (it was added on one of their playlists on YouTube). I love alternative music but have long stuck with Visual Kei and JRock due to the fact that I rarely find a rock band that makes me want to listen to every song they ever have. So, imagine how utterly pleased I am when I heard my first Catfish and the Bottleman song: Cocoon. To put it bluntly, I fell in love and they’re one of the three rock bands that sings in English which I actually like.

If you’d like to listen to their songs, head over to their YouTube where they have three songs from The Balcony (which is the one I’m showing above), or you can purchase the album straight from iTunes!



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