Terrariums of November Culture

Ever since I came across terrariums in Etsy, I’ve fallen in love with them. They’re just so beautiful; adorable; magical!

il_570xN.515145370_pnndSunrise Succulent Plant Live Terrarium Necklace by WearItMiniPlants

Seeee? And so, I found myself wishing for one only I didn’t know where to get one locally…until one of my two trusty buddies and I went journeying around our college area again. Guess where we stumbled upon? A cool little shop called November Culture that has a terrarium-making workshop of sorts!

…Unfortunately, I forgot, which is a common occurrence when I don’t have my camera with me, to take a picture of it OTL Forgive me (。┰ω┰。)

Though, I did snap other photos. Particularly my terrarium-making process~!

PS: I’m surprised at how good my phone’s camera quality is, haha.

JpegThis is a part of the middle and back of the shop. The front’s where the terrarium workshop and materials are arranged.

JpegSome of the ready-made terrariums on display~

Now, onto my process of making my very own tiny little terrarium!

JpegFirst, my friend and I picked our containers of choice.




Then, we picked our preferred decorations too before…

JpegWe sat down here and began the process~

JpegThe both of us picked this cute little corked bottle which reminds me of Alice’s Drink Me bottle~

JpegAnd, we began with putting in some tiny white pebbles. That’s my little cactus by the side~

JpegAfter that, we put in the gardening soil (where I sort of failed since I accidentally mixed my pebbles with it OTL)…

Jpeg…while one of the staff there helped my friend and I to remove our tiny cactus plants.

JpegAnd into the new “pot” the tiny cactus goes~



I added some green glass shards for decoration along with a tiny killer whale figurine! The latter reminded me of Tachibana Mikoto from Free! Hehe~

JpegFinally, tadaa~ Isn’t it adorable? Hopefully, I’ll be able to care for this baby cactus properly!
(Don’t worry, I only placed back the cork for picture purposes.)

JpegMy friend’s terrarium on the left~

Making these isn’t so pricey—okay fine, it sort of is but it was fun! And, I love my tiny terrarium~

My friend and I even decided to got back and make another one when we’ve the time and money, hahaha.




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