White Noise — PVRIS

pvris white noise

White Noise

Release Date : 3/11/2014

Genre : Alternative, Rock

Language :  English

Track List

1.  Smoke

2.  St. Patrick

3.  My House

4.  Holy

5.  White Noise

6.  Fire

7.  Eyelids

8.  Mirrors

9.  Ghosts

10.  Let Them In

PVRIS (pronounced “Paris”) is an American rock band I came across on YouTube and dear heavens, they’re amazing!  Even when performing the stripped down version of My House or St. Patrick, Lyndsey Gunnulfsen’s vocals continue to shine, staying in key while achieving and maintaining the powerful, raw aggressive sound that bring their songs to life. They’re definitely a band that I’ll be keeping a close eye on!

You can check out PVRIS‘ music at their YouTube channel or buy their album at either iTunes or their online merchandise shop…which is actually their label’s and not their sole one.


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