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End-of-the-Year Book Haul

So, thanks to college (well, the ending part of it, graduation and all), a short-term job and the beginning of university life, all smushed into one year, I’ve been pretty busy. It sucks, really, but there’s a bright side to things as well.

A few months ago, I fell into that ditch where I lost my passion for reading. I mean, I still did but not with as much enthusiasm as I used to. It became a chore of sorts and the addition of academic books that needed to be read, didn’t help the situation. Thank heavens this was only a phase and with the help of good ol’ stress-relieving shopping, I’ve climbed out of that ditch. I’ve got my priorities re-ordered and now, I’m ready to roll ╭( ・ㅂ・)و )))

With that said, here’s my haul from a book sale where–bless the beautiful souls–all English books were priced at RM5 (*’∀’人)♥

SAM_1286(Is it just me and my choice of reading, or are book covers becoming increasingly black and blue only???)

I’ve also bought a bunch of cookbooks and baking-related ones! Some are actually for research (*cough*the one about booze*cough*).


And lastly,


That last book on the right, right there is sooooo going to help me with my university course (థ౪థ). Really, English with Creative Writing is not the course I thought it would be…Perhaps it my fault for foolishly thinking that I’d be writing creatively and not academically for three years. Yeah, who knew there’d be the history of English and linguistics thrown in. Not me, no siree!


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