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It’s That Time of the Year: Reading Challenges!

SO, I know I’m like, 5 days late. It’s terrible. My time keeping is just bad—especially when it’s study break and I have those essays that’s due this week (I mean seriously? Who in the world just shoves a short list of vague instructions and gives no proper explanations? Roundabout answers don’t count either!). But no, this isn’t about me whinging because I’m pretty damn happy that it’s still the first (second?) week of January.

January! 2016!



Sorry, back to the main topic and yes, as you’ve guessed from the blatant title, reading challenges! Reading challenges for the new year galore!

And by the end of 2016, it’ll be time for us to know which one of the ‘two-kinds-of-people-in-this-world’ we are, and I’m pretty darn determined to be on the side of “OMFGWHKP I WON THE CHALLENGE ADFG*insert incoherent squealing*!!!” again.

Now, last year I’ve only signed up for the good ol’ Goodreads reading challenge, reading 7 books ahead of my appointed 50. This year?

This year I’m aiming for 100 for Goodreads, and I’m adding a little twist with Popsugar‘s 2016 Ultimate Reading Challenge. And, while we’re on the topic of that, isn’t the pictured list on that post gorgeous?! The colors! The picture! ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚ Ugh, it breaks my heart that the printable version provided by Popsugar isn’t just as beautiful.

…Thus, I’ve taken that picture and did some slicing and dicing up with thank-God-I-have-you Photoshop. So, here it is for everyone else who’s wanting a list for Popsugar‘s challenge the exact way they’re posted it on their website (and if any member of the staff wants me to take this down, I will because this picture is not mine at all).

Book Challenge

Anyway, what reading challenges are you all taking up this year? I’ve never been pretty active in participating with them so I’d like to hear your experiences with them as well ヾ(≧∪≦*)ノ〃


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