Night Owls by Jenn Bennett

night owlsNight Owls aka The Anatomical Shape of a Heart by Jenn Bennett
Published: 2015 by Simon and Schuster UK
Genre(s): Young Adult, Fiction, Romance
Pages: 272
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781471125300

4 stars

Warning: Mild Spoilers!

Hot as hell graffiti artist who’s somehow also a high school senior? Check.

Odd girl with the awesome hairstyles and a love for drawing human anatomy? Check.

Both of them meeting while waiting for some night bus and end up falling for each other? Hell yeah!

From the above description, you can pretty much guess how much I love the main characters of Jenn Bennett’s Night Owls, yeah? Yeah. But let’s be realistic, as much of an enthusiastic bibliophile I am, I still nit-pick all my reads (I don’t know whether I should thank my major or not for this present habit because I swear I used to be nicer and less picky!). So, what’s the first flaw of this book? If you have a paperback copy, turn to page 94 and right at the bottom—the final line, you will see it: a typographical error.

I know it’s not a fatal flaw but dang it, I was a little annoyed the moment I saw the “aFTernoon”. Like for goodness sake, way to ruin the gorgeousness of this book by having one mistake of a splotch right there. In a different situation, I would generally go “Ah, a flaw adds to the beauty” but whoever the typographer/typesetter for this book is, is being paid to be as perfect as possible and no, that typo doesn’t constitute to near-perfection.

The second flaw would perhaps be the fact that the romance between Bex and Jack practically rockets off the ground without a second thought. If I were a character in the book—a friend of Bex’s, I would be incredibly excited that she’s getting attention from a boy as wonderful as Jack is (vandalism aside) but the moment she drops by his workplace and practically gives him the ultimatum despite not even knowing the surface details of who Jack is as a person and vice versa? Nope, no, nope. Like, “Bex, darling, I know how gorgeous and perfect Jack is but girl, how dry are you?” And by “dry”, I mean “desperate” or “horny”—or “desperate because of horniness/lack of game”. This definitely dimmed the spotlight of love I’m shining on Bex. It doesn’t help that she’s thinking about sticking her hand down Jack’s pants about ten pages later as well…However, this doesn’t mean that my love for Bex has waned tremendously. No, girl won some of it back when she offered to shiv someone with a pencil—and well, I guess it’s common to want to get into the pants of someone you like? The whole sex before actually getting to know you or be your lover properly isn’t my cup of tea but hey, you do you.

(On a side note, I would say the same for Jack too but I can’t really blame him for wanting Bex. Her bra was showing through her see-through top, ya know? That’s like dangling candy in front of a baby and dang, I’d want that candy too if someone dangled one of my crushes near-shirtless in front of me.)

Other than the above stated, I actually don’t have much complaints. I love the history of Bex’s and Jack’s life—how the both of them have their own difficulties, and it pulled some heartstrings when Bex finally saw her father again. In some ways, her situation reminds me much of my own one so that definitely added more points to the emotional reaction on my side. However, I think that this book would be better if the family situations are expanded in a different manner. It feels a little shallow the way it has been written right now. Also, I’m going a little off tangent here but Heath who is Bex’s brother, and his boyfriend are great minor characters, by the way.

Long story short, there are some things that could be improved in this book but I love it. This is me trying to be the pickiest person on earth but I can’t because this book is good—clichéd but good nonetheless.


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