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Amy’s Tea Book Tag

So, while going through my reader, I found this book tag over at Nerdy Talks Book Blog and I just have to do this tag. It’s not often that I see tea-related bookish tags or challenges (or maybe I’m just bad at going through feeds and all ((*゜Д゜)ゞ” ) and now that this one is right in front of me, I’m doing this. Second thoughts? Naw.

1. Double Bergamot Earl Grey – A robust, deep, intellectual and flavourful book


The first book that comes into mind is certainly Samuel Beckett’s Endgame. I read it for my drama class back in college and no matter the amount of rereads, this play still boggles my mind. Sure, his plays aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. It might not seem to be “flavourful”, and many seem to prefer his Waiting for Godot over this one, but Endgame is just as strong, deep and intellectual. It’s forever my Number One Favorite Play.

2. Tim Horton’s Steeped- A book you read on the go, that you come back to again and again


Black Beauty wins this hands down. In the past, the answer would’ve been different but right now, this book is the one I can never stop re-reading. It’s the first classic I’ve ever read (I was about eight or nine?) and all the emotions I feel while reading this always seem so new and fresh.

3. Meyer Lemon- A tangy, fast-paced read. Gone before you’ve fully savoured the flavour.


Haruki Murakami’s The Strange Library fits this category for me. Never have I been left so incredibly wanting to know more about a story! As a Murakami fan, I’m familiar with his “slow-moving” stories, the complexity hidden behind the meanings, so on, so forth. I’ve read his other short stories as well, but this is the only one where I’m left unsatisfied at the end. Like, I was getting incredibly into it and BAM! Slammed right into a wall cause there aren’t any more pages.

4. Chamomile Lavender- A relaxing, calming late night read


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass was the sixth(?) classic I’ve read and throughout the years, it became a very familiar story. Reading it brings the nostalgia and the great memories, and it certainly relaxes me when I read it ♥

5. Lady Grey- A smooth, subtle, classic book, perfect for a serene winter morning

The Little Prince

Oh, how I wish Malaysia has the four seasons! Tropical weather isn’t my thing especially since my skin burns easily underneath the sun but we all have to make do with what we have, no? Anyway, a classic I’ve that’d fit into this category would probably be The Little Prince. I read it once as a child and was (for a few weeks) fascinated by it, but did I understand it fully like I did for the rest of the classics I’ve read? No. This books isn’t rated on my Goodreads simply because I’ve yet to reread it with my current understanding of the world, but yeah, I think this book fits this category.

6. Orange Pekoe- A popular novel that everyone’s read


A Thousand Splendid Suns fits the bill for this one. It’s not as insanely popular as the Harry Potter series but this is the book a majority of my friends have read…Though, unsurprisingly it’s because we had to read it for our ENG4U class back in college but still, this book is great and I love it.

7. English Breakfast- A British classic


I’m going to go with Othello for this one, simply because it’s my most favorite work of Shakespeare’s.

8. Canadian Breakfast- A title that tastes a little like English Breakfast, but read’s like the New World (an early Canadian-or American-work)

Of Mice and Men

What I understand of Early American Literature is that it’s literature originating in or containing characteristics of colonial America. So, if that isn’t wrong, then Of Mice and Men would be counted for this one, no? Anyway, I had more favorites in the list of literature that were required to be read in the first semester of my first year of uni than the ones of the second semester, and this book is definitely one of them. I’d pick any work of Steinback over Sheridan’s The School for Scandal any day.

9. Green- A healthy book that feeds your mind.


I don’t think many of my books can be counted as the kind of “healthy” that is implied here. Nevertheless,  I think The Perks of Being a Wallflower would be the book for this. It gave me a better understanding of my high school life more than I ever realized back then, and it gave me so much food for thought that I just sat there, hours after I finished the book, ruminating about my life and all the things in it. I had always been my own person but never really felt that. This book made the feeling part happen.

10. Iced- A sweet summer treat, brewed for the lazy brief days of summer.


There is no official English translation of this book (fan-translations, yes) but read this if you can. It’s totally worth it and never, have I ever laughed so hard reading a book before. The humor in The Legend of the Sun Knight is A++ and it certainly brightened up my slow day when I read this. I didn’t even go to sleep until I was done reading all the available translated books in this series!


And gosh, I just realized the amount of classics I’ve used to answer this! I guess this means I really do need to read two books a day every day during my summer break to expand the types of books I’ve read. Should’ve expected doing a BA in English would get me reading more classics than contemporaries (not that that’s a bad thing!).

Also, have you read any of these books? Any thoughts? And, if you want to do this tag, go right ahead! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


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