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Reading Challenges : Progress!

It’s the 21st of June right over here on my tiny patch of land on the globe and golly gee, has so much time passed already?! I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I’m going to be a senior to some freshman this coming September, and my brain certainly hasn’t registered that it’s summer break right now (for me), either. I’m seriously waking every day, thinking that there’d be classes. Twice, I panicked because I was home and not in my dorms on a weekday and “Oh my gosh, I have class—Wait.”


As some of you might know from this post, I’m doing two reading challenges this year and well…I think it’s going swimmingly?

Okay, fine, I’m a little slow on the reading original fiction/non-fiction department, but fanfics. Fanfics and fix-it fics (“Hail Hydra”). They’re my life. (๑•̥̥̥́ω•̀ू๑)

Hem, hem, to the point of this post, here’s my process for both the reading challenges I’m in:

gr challenge


Are you doing any reading challenges this year? Or simply any type of bookish challenges? If yes, how far along are you? I’d love to know!


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