[Unboxing & Review] Bookish Bundle – The Royalty Box

Book subscription box un-boxing and (crappy) photos on the way! I’m completely over the moon because I’ve recently received my first book subscription box ever and really, it took a lot of patience to not post anything about it until the first of July!

Bookish Bundle is a Malaysian book subscription box service that delivers a magical box of bookish wonderfulness to local doors once every three months. I missed it’s first box when it came out in April this year, so I certainly couldn’t miss the second one—especially when it has the theme of ‘Royalty’ (OwlCrate also had a June Royalty Box, so of course, that made me even more excited for Bookish Bundle’s)!

NOTE: My ‘reactions’ towards the contents of this box right here are the actual reactions I had when I first opened this box which means that I’m going to be completely honest and thus, I apologize in advance if I offend anyone!

Firstly, I was pleasantly surprised when I removed the mailing bag the box was in. I had expected the shoe box…box that Bookish Bundle used for April but instead, they’ve swapped to the mailer box which is awesome! Seeing it completely raised my hopes even higher. This is how the box looks like up-close:

Processed with VSCO

And, this is exactly what I saw when I opened the box:

Processed with VSCO

Excitement level? Incredibly high, especially when this insane flowery scent assaulted my nose. I removed all the contents, laid them out…and my hopes fell a little.

Processed with VSCO
The back of the introductory/greeting card, which was slightly difficult to read and the arrangement of the words irked my Inner Typesetter…Urk.
Processed with VSCO
Two bookmarks printed on good quality card but wasn’t cut properly. Although I love the book cover designs, it didn’t really make the bookmark feel like a bookmark, but more like a catalog of sorts?
Processed with VSCO
This insanely cute book-shaped soap by Savon Republic. Like oh, my goodness, book-shaped! It has a nice floral smell but it’s a little too pungent for me.
Processed with VSCO
A lovely tote bag with a pleasing simple design. The cloth is a little too thin for my liking and it makes me scared that it might not hold the weight of the things I bring every time I go out (which may not be a lot but it’s certainly heavy), but I still like this bag, for sure.
Processed with VSCO
A nice Chronicles of Narnia poster printed on flyer-paper-material and wasn’t smartly packed in the box, and had therefore, suffered a noticeable wound. I’m still internally crying over that wound.
Processed with VSCO
THIS BOOK. I’M EXCITED! The synopsis sounds so, so interesting but some reviews say that it’s like Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus?!

And, that’s everything in this box folks! I’m slightly disappointed at the quality of the items for this month’s box but nevertheless, it’s still a nice one. I’m not sure if I’ll buy the next one, though because there’s a bunch of new Malaysian book subscription services popping up right now and I’d just love to get at least one box from them all!

Here’s a picture of everything put together!

Do you have a favorite book subscription box? Have you ever bought one, or at least have one on your wishlist?


6 thoughts on “[Unboxing & Review] Bookish Bundle – The Royalty Box

    1. Woohoo!! And, it is?? I’m so scared that it’ll snap because of all the stuff I usually bring around with me everywhere (water bottle, phone, power bank, wallet, tissues, book, umbrella etc etc). My normal bags suffer a lot already so looking at the tote bag definitely gave me lots of second thoughts 😦

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