Cat vs Human Fairy Tails by Yasmine Surovec

25855505Cat vs Human Fairy Tails by Yasmine Surovec
Expected Publication: September 2016 by Andrews McMeel Publishing
Genre(s): Comic, Fairy Tale Retelling, Humor
Pages: 128
Format: E-Galley
ISBN: 9781449470685 (paperback edition)
Amazon (paperback)

3 stars

I received an electronic copy of this from NetGalley in exchange for a review.

Cat vs Human Fairy Tails is a collection of short comics by Yasmine Surovec, that gives a lovely contemporary cat-spin to our long-known and long-loved fairy tales. I’ve never read any of Surovec’s works before so I was expecting a little more depth from this collection—perhaps because I had thought that she would be giving a complete (which is as much of the ‘original’ text as possible), witty, cute-sy, whimsical twist to the Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

Of course, that doesn’t happen, and what I ended up finishing gives off a more children’s picture/comic book feel. However, that isn’t a necessarily bad thing. The art is adorable and I love the bright colours, but the typography would be better with a little bit more of a variety in terms of font usage because different fonts create different atmospheres. Seeing the same font used for dialogue, narration, thought dialogue and SFXs (special/sound effects) was a little disconcerting. Also, breathing space inside the text bubble would be much appreciated as well.

That aside, this book is certainly a light-hearted and quick read. The humour is entertaining albeit not as witty as I’ve expected. Even so, Cat vs Human Fairy Tails would be perfect for when you need a little bit of cheering up on a gloomy day.


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