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Your Bookish Identity Tag

Another bookish tag! I saw this on The Bookish Universe and just had to do it, because house pride. Incredible and immense house pride.

Anyway, this tag was created by fantastic booktubers Benjaminoftomes, Katytastic, and Little Book Owl a few years ago, and for this one, you’ll need to answer a few questions (some which are related to a couple of tremendously YA/Children’s popular books). Squeeeee!



Here’s comes the no-brainer answer: Harry Potter!

(Well, I would’ve picked the Marvel Universe but I really don’t fancy supremely increased chances of being killed [alien invasion, evil masterminds, and that Marvel universe reset *coughs*], superhero/antihero/villain favorites of mine or no.)

Magic, witches, wizards, extraordinary creatures, and cool weather all-year round! …Or well, I’m not so certain about the weather, but I think that it’ll certainly be a step-up from the tropical climate my country deals with. It gets too hot in my area (I’ve successfully fried an egg on the sidewalk before thanks to the heat) and rain doesn’t come as often anymore…


Ohohoho! I’m going to take advantage of the loophole here and list some of them (because all would just simply be way too many) out in no particularly order whatsoever:

deadpool whisper iconPartner in Crime – The Merc with a Mouth!

Why? Okay, he may be trigger-happy, kill-happy and all but you can’t exactly deny that he’s pretty smart–Okay, he’s a smartass, badass, ‘sexy-ass for refined tastes’. Combine those with the constant fourth-wall breaking and Deadpool humor equals to a 100% YES! in my book. (He can totally double up as a gaming buddy too!) Also, Deadpool and Ellie. I love them together. Oh, Deadpool/Spider-Man and Deadpool/Hawkeye are my favorite team-ups!

BFFL – Charlie from The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

the_perks_of_being_a_wallflower_charlie_by_jinsuke04-d5rv634He’s shy, caring, extremely thoughtful, loving and he understands. He understands, and he won’t overwhelm me. I love that he’s not perfect. He’s completely and utterly human like all of us, and he carries a lot of guilt on his shoulders. If I were to know him in real life, I would never let our friendship burn out and he would feel the same too. I can be myself, no personas whatsoever and he would accept all of me without judgement.

Study Buddy – Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter series.

draco meowSurprise, surprise!? Despite the fact that Hermione is the Brightest Witch of Her Age, and despite the fact that I do love her drive and determination when it comes to academics, I would prefer to have Draco as my study buddy over her. My reason may be a little shallow but aside from his mean-streak towards muggleborns and ‘blood traitors’, I do enjoy his snark and sense of humor! And well, maybe it’s because I’m incredibly influenced by his character portrayal in fanfics, but to me, he’s just this prickly little ball trying to protect his tenderness inside. A tsundere, in a way.

Romantic Partner – Tachibana Makoto from Free!

makoto GIFHands down one of the best ‘Nice Guy’ anime characters ever created and certainly one of the greatest guys to have as a boyfriend as well. Nice and considerate, Makoto will do his utmost to ensure that you’re always comfortable and happy. I’m pretty certain that we’d enjoy each other’s company even when there are no words to be exchanged. He’s a gentle giant who has a fear of ghosts and the ocean (which is alright because I don’t watch horror movies and I certainly wont be swimming in an ocean too).


Since I’ve yet to read any book or watch a single movie from the Percy Jackson series, I took this quiz and ended up with Athena and then, Hephaestus. I’m not certain if I entirely embody all of either’s traits but they seem okay enough when mixed together.


Although I’ve read one book of hers (Clockwork Angel), I’m not a huge fan of everything Cassandra Clare (so sorry everyone!!), especially after I’ve stumbled upon the scandal about her on bookstagram (plagiarism and the lawsuit thing?), and then, did some of my own research (this post sums it up best). I don’t hate or dislike her in any way, and I’d probably borrow some of her books (especially the rest of the Infernal Devices series) from friends, but I’ll certainly not buy anymore of her works. True or not, the scandal doesn’t sit well with me…That aside, for this question, I believe I’ll be a downworlder rather than a nephilim. Having angel blood running in my veins just seems too much since I don’t consider myself virtuous enough for that!



An answer many of you would already know: After a hatstall (I’ve gotten all houses once in a row before coming to a full circle at my present one, anyone else who’s been in this situation?), I was sorted into Hufflepuff! Then, when the new Pottermore came online, I retook the quiz and much to my utter delight, got Hufflepuff again. Also, I’ve been sorted into Pukwudgie for Ilvermorny–a pleasant fit to my Hufflepuff~



I took the aptitude test early this year and what you see right over there are my results! Though, I was a little surprised that I scored the most for Dauntless since I can be a chicken at times.


Again, I’ve not read the trilogy or watched the movie, but my patronus is a swan (I got this as a result from a quiz which I unfortunately don’t recall the exact one…sorry!) so I guess my daemon would be one as well?

Have you done this tag before? What are your answers? I’d love to know so do share them in the comments section below!

And, that’s the end! Whoever who’d like to do this tag, consider yourself tagged by me (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*



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    1. Right?? He’s such a sweet not-so-little thing! I haven’t started season 2 yet because I’m pretty sure that there’ll be a boatload of feels and I just don’t feel like bawling my eyes out yet xD

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