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The Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag

Hello, beautiful souls and darling beings!

Nighttime has fallen, stars are lost thanks to city lights, and I’m freaking out over the songs that are going to be used in/inspired by/included in the soundtrack for Suicide Squad, squeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Anyway, the incredibly awesome Sammie over at Bookshelves & Biros tagged me to do The Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag (created by BookTubers ReadLikeWildFire and Ely Jayne where we look back at and—obviously—freak out, over the books we’ve read during the past six months), and I’m really excited, because hey, freaking out is certainly one of the things I’m good at, *wink**wink*.

So, without further delay, let the answers roll!(???)

Best Book You’ve Read in 2016

TDGOne name: Eddie Redmayne. I watched him in The Theory of Everything, and fell in love with his brilliance. Then, the first trailer for The Danish Girl came out and I found myself awestruck by the swirl of emotions conveyed in a mere 2 minutes and 37 seconds. That easily sealed the deal and I just had to read the book.

(No, I’ve not watched the movie yet. A friend showed me the ending and I just don’t want to let myself go through another heartbreaking turmoil…/cries)

You can read my review here.

Best Sequel You’ve Read in 2016

Oh, no. This is terrible. With the exception of the first books of whatever, duologies, trilogies, and series are the things I’ve been avoiding like crazy this year so the closest to a sequel I’ve read would be one involving manga. But, a manga sequel wouldn’t be a really proper answer too because they’re all part of a series…Urk, I’m going to have to skip this one, forgive me…!

New Release You Haven’t Read Yet But Want To


Among books like And I Darken and This Savage Song, one of the new releases that I’ve been yearning to read but haven’t found the time (or motivation to put fanfics aside for a bit) is Uprooted. Like hey, magic and folklore/fairy tale-inspired! Of course, it also helps that Emily May and Khanh gave reviews that are the polar opposite on this book. It makes me feel tingly inside because, wow, will I hate this or love this with a fiery passion?

…Or will I simply just end up feeling “meh” again?

Most Anticipated Book For The Second Half of the Year

HPchamberAs much as I’m super stoked for Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, there’s another book that I’m more eager for. What? No way? Sorry to say this but, yes way because this other book that gets me more excited than a child on Christmas Day would be the one and only Jim Kay-illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets! I just love, love, love the way Kay draws our beloved Potter world and the characters, so I’m practically on the edge of my seat, bursting with this enthusiastic anxiety, waiting to re-live the Potter journey.

Biggest Disappointment

Air-Awakens-Cover-Cover-Reveal-677x1024Oh, this one’s easy.

Despite the immense hype around this book and yes, despite the fact that this isn’t the book that I gave the lowest rating to so far this year, Air Awakens is just one big ol’ pile of solid disappointment.

I didn’t exactly tear this book to pieces (or in other words, enter complete “Bitch Mode” as my dear real life friends love to term it), but here’s my negatively-glowing review on what could’ve been one of the most promising books of my year.

Really, the gorgeous cover art and the exciting promise of the main character being a library apprentice is just a false lead.

Biggest Surprise


Seriously. I’m ain’t joking here.

“But, didn’t you like, only give this 2.5 stars in that review of yours?”

Darling, the reason why this is the biggest surprise for me so far into this year is because that even though it’s one of the weaker books I’ve read, it still managed to keep me enthralled until the very end with it’s pretty writing and fast pace. I can’t recall a single time this year where I was completely unable to put the book down (I definitely put The Danish Girl down to eat, sleep and all) so yeah, surprise, surprise.

Favourite New Author

spideypoolOhh boy, another tough cookie.

Out of the 116 books I’ve read so far this year, about 10% are academic books (Whoooo, university!!), and about 70% are comics/manga (Whoooo, university!!), which leaves a tiny 20% for actual novels…Things aren’t looking good, but hey, Joe Kelly’s a comic book writer (which is synonymous with ‘author’) so that’s fine. Right? Right?

Also, the Spideypool comics are totally one of the best bromances I’ve read, ever. (And since this is fulfilled, can we get one where they’re in an official romantic relationship too? Shiklah’s pretty cool, but hey, isn’t Deadpool supposed to be pansexual, yet his relationships (that I know of) so far are all hetero??)

Newest Fictional Crush

hvdI did mention that 70% of the books I’ve read so far are comics/ manga, yes?

Okay, ignoring the fact that Clint Barton in the movie-verse is like 45, he’s like eternally younger in the comic-verse, sooooo…yeah, new fictional crush of mine is 100% Clinton Francis Barton. (Clinton Francis Barton, Charles Francis Xavier. Huh, I just realized that.)

“Another old man? Seriously, Aria?”

Shush. It’s not my fault they make them so irresistible, and those horrible and often traumatic background stories. They’re there to hook, line and sinker our hearts.

Newest Favourite Character


Kikuchi Toma from Ao Haru Ride anyone? You know, the guy who loves Yoshioka Futaba so much that he’s willing to let her go because she doesn’t actually love him even though they were in a relationship at that time? Yeah, he was kinda manipulative and selfish when he ‘forced’ Futaba to be his girlfriend, but he’s human, no?

Anyway, cute (honestly, a guy who blushes so, so easily is just completely and utterly a-dor-a-ble in my book), supportive, honest, straight-laced and a singer-songwriter to boot, he’s not one of my fictional crushes but he’s certainly a favourite!

Book That Made You Cry

fault lineWritten by Christa Desir, Fault Line made me bawl. Like a toddler throwing a tantrum because that toy I badly wanted for my birthday is not the toy I badly wanted for my birthday.

Really. It’s just so bad of a novel that I had to (figuratively) cry in a corner and contemplate how someone actually published this…this…thing.

You can read my review here, and let me warn you, if you haven’t read this book. Don’t bother. Unless you purposefully want to cry over how terrible a book can be, well, go ahead then.

Book That Made You Happy

harriusI bought this book around the beginning of the year, and I haven’t read it yet because I don’t understand Latin. I know, I probably shouldn’t have used money to buy a book I’m unable to read, but there is no ounce of doubt that Harrius Potter et Philosophi Lapis makes my Potterhead and English Language and Literature student selves happy.

Truly, looking at the cover alone makes me smile.

(Also, there is no doubt that just about all the manga, comics and fanfics I’ve read this year made me incredibly happy as well.)

Favourite Book to Film Adaption

Me_Before_You_(film)Thanks to friends who love watching movies, I’ve watched more movies than I ever have prior to attending university, and I’m definitely stoked about the upcoming Suicide SquadFantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemDr. Strange, and a great deal more. So, without rambling more than I should (or well, I’ve already done so), one of my favourite book to film adaptation this year would be Me Before You.

…Yes, I’m cheating a little here because I haven’t read the book yet, ahahaha. But still, I can say with complete certainty that both Emilia Clarke’s and Sam Claflin’s eyebrow game are strong in this movie.

Favourite Post You’ve Done This Year So Far

Burn, Rewrite, Reread

The amount of glee I get while doing this tag surpasses the glee I have while doing other tags…which highly likely means that I’m a violent person inside? Or perhaps it’s just the thanatos of my Id doing the speaking.

You can read the first post for this tag here, and the second post for this tag here.

Most Beautiful Book You’ve Bought This Year


I bought a lot of gorgeous books this year but the one with a gorgeous cover and a gorgeous inside would be none other than Jim Kay’s illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

I have mentioned the amount of love I have for Kay’s illustrations, right? Okay.

What Book Do You Need To Read By The End Of The Year?


I have like 221 books on my Goodreads TBR list and a near 100 books (book sales, ah, such beautiful events in my bookish life) I’ve bought but haven’t read yet sitting around my bedroom, but the number one book I must read by the end of the year is the much-raved-about and much-loved The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

(The art here is by the super creative Risa Rodil. Simply click on the picture to be lead to her Behance profile!)

And there you have it, folks!

Since I see that an incredibly lot of you have already done this tag, I’m not sure who hasn’t so if you’re one of the ones who haven’t, then considered yourself tagged!

Also, for those who have done this tag, link your post in the comments below. I’d love to read yours and I’d love to read what you think about mine as well!


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