Snow White Writing : How It All Started

Snow White Writing is a weekly writing segment where I write about my writing journey and share some of my works as well.

This is the origin story of how a certain sun-hating Asian girl with the little kid voice (which is very much natural and not done on the purpose of being “kawaii” or “bay-biiii”, thank you very much) became the ONE AND ONLY—


Ow, okay, sorry. I may have read one too many Spideypool/Hawkeye/Deadeye comics (and a boat load of other Marvel fanfics) in the past few days and I may have gotten too enthusiastic for the sake of many parties’ health.

…Fine. My mom can attest that I gave her a full 10-minute lecture on Deadpool not being Spider-Man (I mean, come on! One wears red, black and blue while the other doesn’t even have any blue on him—much less a spider or web designs on his suit!), where else my friend can attest that I’ve read a near-500 fics on my favourite pairings within our first academic year in university (a quarter of that is Drarry because why the hell not?). So yeah, can’t exactly blame me for being a complete geek? Dork?? Fangirl???

Hem, hem, returning to the actual point of this post, yes, you’ve read the title right! This SWW (Snow White Writing) is a (ramble-y, of course and always ramble-y) trip down memory lane, starring how I got into writing things other than my homework and to-do lists and memos and whatever else that’s mundane!

“What if nobody wants to read this, sugar?”

Well—errr….They can simply skip this entire thing? But I hope they’ll read it nevertheless? Because my failures and some bits of my childhood can be quite hilariously stupid? Like that time I actually tossed a half-brick up into the air and it came down on my head when I was a kid?


Anyway! The starting point of when I actually started writing stories was when I was twelve and one of those incredibly cringey anime fans (or you know, just fans who stake their claim on a fictional character and say that s/he is solely hers/his? Yeah, not one of my greatest years). I started reading fanfiction for the very first time, got hooked on Quizilla (Any previous Quizilla users here?), and spent several years writing on that site until it got shut down.

This is an excerpt from my very first story/fanfic (beware, it’s a Sasuke Uchiha one, and it’s so bad I’m mortified), written in 2008:

You were walking down the streets to the training grounds where you were supposed to meet with your team, team 7 . It was Febuary 14th,your birthday and you weren’t in the mood of going on a mission. You realized you were early so you sat down and started to play with a rock.
Suddenly, you felt some presence behind the bushes so you threw the rock with a lot of force and screamed. ”THAT HURTS, BELIEVE IT !” Naruto shouted after running out the of bushes. ”Oops! Sorry Naru-Kun, I thought you were some perverted guy whos gonna to kidnap me and sell me for another perverted guy whos gonna rape me ^ ^ ” you replied.
You only had to wait for some minutes just to see Sasuke, also coming out from exact same bushes. ”Guys, I hope you didn’t do anything nasty behind the bushes, because if you did.. I DO NOT WANNA KNOW !!” and they both gave you the WTF look.

Lesser typos and grammatical errors in this excerpt from a Viselc (Ragnarok DS)/OC ficlet came two years later (2010):

Viselc watched silently as Lilith cried.
He felt horrible yet no words of comfort escaped his mouth when he opened it.
“I’m sorry,” he said as loud as he could yet it came out like a mumble.
“I’m sorry,” he repeated before walking out of the house and closing the door behind him.
He couldn’t bear himself to look back as his feet guided him away from the house.
His heart felt heavy.

And this one is from a Lavi (D.Gray-Man) drabble that I published in 2012:

A thousand scattered petals,
Several splatters of blood,
Tears-stained cheeks,
And parted lips in a final cry.
This wasn’t supposed to happen.
She wasn’t supposed to die, to be murdered.

Yes, I see that I’m still favoring a lot of the darker ideas for writing. That aside, comparing my older works (failures, 90% failures) to my newer ones, I realize that I surprisingly had better vocabulary as a kid than right now. I see that I’ve been improving a lot but I’ve also lost my initial enthusiasm and immense joy in writing (that desire for perfection has taken over, for sure). My teenager self could sit down and complete a 50+k word novel (okay, writing fanfic is a little easier since the plot, canon characters and world-building are already done) in a four months but my current self can’t even write 10k words for an original novel in one year. Urk.

Other than that, I’m obviously still writing stories today and yes, I still have fanfiction accounts (If you ever do find me, do say hello! And share some constructive criticism if you’ve any! I can take harsh critiques as long as it’ll help me improve).

What about you? How/When/Why did you start writing?

Annnnnnd, that’s my origin story of sorts everyone!

Until next week~

8 thoughts on “Snow White Writing : How It All Started

  1. I really enjoyed reading how you started writing. It was so fun.
    I have also a fanfiction account and wattapad, because I like to write now and then.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t even remember but I guess it was the time when I felt the need to write something that I wanted to read! I was probably 10 hahah x


  2. I’m actually an aspiring author and have been one ever since I met my Form2 English teacher who encouraged me and pushed me. Ever since then, I constantly have a strong urge to write and create stories. I hope to impact people with my writing one day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohhhh, that’s awesome! I wish I had a teacher like that (I think my current lecturers can be counted now, maybe haha) but a definite yes to hoping to impact people with your own writing one day! My biggest writing goal right now is to make someone cry and laugh with my characters. It’s tough!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oooh I remember the time I wrote and used emoticons in my writing haha. I never wrote anything on Quizilla, I was only there for the quizzes haha. I read fan fiction on fanfiction.com but never really wrote much myself, since I never felt confident that I could write the characters that well. If I wrote fan fic it was with original characters and I never finished any of those lol. Anyway this was a lot of fun to read! 🙂 I’m not sure how old I was when I started writing to be honest. I remember thinking up stories and writing them down when I was pretty young, but I really don’t remember the exact age

    Liked by 1 person

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