Snow White Writing : Poetry

Snow White Writing is a weekly writing segment where I write about my writing journey and share some of my works as well.

Poetry. The bane of my existence in the (short) half of my second semester in Year 1 of university. Yes, I do love it now, but I’m pretty sure I’ll hate it again once my first semester of my second year begins.

Why? Four words: My Creative Writing lecturer.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s a great person and I love the challenges she presents, but when she’s panicking or something, her writing advice becomes even more vague than it is and mass panicking ensues within the students enrolled in her module. Seriously, not specifically knowing where you’re going wrong with your piece of writing is incredibly terrifying, particularly when said piece of writing is due the following week, the task of writing it has only been given to you in the previous class, and that your lecturer doesn’t even have an office (thus, no office hours to drop by to seek help) on campus.

But, enough about that, I’m not here to 100% whinge. Instead, I’m here to dole out some words (a phrase?) of wisdom shared to my class by our ex-TA-now-lecturer-for-a-different-module:

Poetry is a novel condensed into one page.

Obviously, poetry isn’t strictly limited to one page only, but the above words turned my entire struggle with “Reign in the poem! This is overused! Keep it lean!” into something easier to digest. The way my current CW (Creative Writing) lecturer teaches is a complete one-eighty from the way my college one taught, so there was a lot of struggle trying to even keep up with the former’s demands. Yes, I’m aware that words resonate differently for everyone, but the above quoted words gave me this little epiphany and I think I’m slightly better at writing poetry than before.

Have you ever written poetry before? What are some of your favourite styles (limericks, free verse, etc)?

If you’d like to read some of my poems, feel free to head over here to do so!


7 thoughts on “Snow White Writing : Poetry

  1. Oh, gosh. If I had a lecturer like the one you described in uni, I would have been a bit of a hot mess. I had one that was almost the opposite, but kind of the same. He was so laid back, and just gave us WAY too much information (like 20 pages per lecture), and then didn’t give us any kind of indication of what would be on the exam. So it was impossible to know what to study and everything was PAIN in that class.

    I really like that quote! And I think it quite aptly represents poetry. Because it can tell a whole story, from start to middle to end, but in such fewer words than a book. I like it a lot.

    I have been writing poetry for ten years now :O I still remember the first time I sat down to write a piece. Most of what i write is free verse because I don’t like sticking to any rules *laughs* But there have been pieces of mine with little rhymes to them, and other consistencies, as well.

    Good luck with your assessment piece!

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    1. Right?? At this point, I’m just wishing for a university lecturer who can stay at least 90% on topic and provide helpful feedback for all the essays I have in place of exams. They either teach completely off of the actual topic (like focusing completely on the period a piece of literature is in instead of the piece itself) or they provide ‘enough’ information only for it to NOT be enough the moment a student realizes it (which is usually when we’re writing our essays).

      I’m glad you like it! When my classmates and I heard it for the first time, the creative writing students pretty must had an epiphany. I never looked at poetry the way I did after that. And, woooow!! Ten years! Do you write when inspiration strikes? Or are you the kind who diligently churns out a poem in a day or two or three? I haven’t written a poem for a month already since everything seems like it’s been written before :/

      Thank you!!


  2. Oh that’s beautiful! I had never thought of it that way. I used to write poetry as a kid and it was super silly haha. I remember there was one about a gold pig and one about a fire (yes literally fire) that didn’t want to pay the high rent or something? It was weird haha

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