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10 Reasons Why I Would Be The Worst YA Heroine (Or Not??)

I don’t know if this counts as a Bookish Tagor okay, maybe a bookish something, but I saw this on The Bookish Universe and She Reads Too Much, and I simply had to give my own twist to this. After all, it sounds pretty fun, no?

**This has been answered in the most dramatic, exaggerated manner that I can conjure with my sense of humor. Of course, there are slivers of truths in certain places but nevertheless, don’t take this seriously. Please.**

1. If I have a superpower/gift…


I’d  sure as hell not go “No, no, this can’t be true!” and would instead, scream “HELL YES, THIS IS WHAT ALL THOSE FANDOMS PREPARED ME FOR!”. Yes, I’d certainly not balk at the idea of using said superpower/gift, and would highly likely be shamelessly using it every single chance I get (telekinesis and prank wars sound delightful together!) as well. Also, I’d either rush head first into helping others without much proper thought, or I’d just slink away if the situation can be handled by someone else. Yeah, not exactly proper heroine material.

2. If I were the remaining true heiress to somewhere…

Cordelia Chase, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The first thing you’ll see is me stomping my way right over, claiming everything that’s rightfully mine. Like ex-cuuuuuuse me, your legitimate heiress is here, scoot over you fraud!

…And then, I’d check out the library in my new home and if it doesn’t meet my standards, book-shopping is the first thing I’ll be doing with my money.

3. If I had to fight someone/something…

Uhhh…verbally? I can handle it. Maybe. I tend to burst into tears when I’m really angry. So, maybe not. Physically? Unless my superpower/gift enables me to fight long-distance, I’ll nope my way outta the place cause me and pain-being-inflicted-on-me don’t mix well.

scared loki

4. If I had two or more love interests fighting over me and I simply can’t choose…

13781892_1134403166613177_792281907990680427_nI’d likely start my own harem and have a polyamorous relationship with all of them. Scandalous. Shameless. But, okay, this will, of course, only happen when all involved members can fully and completely trust and love each other properly, but no worries folks, this simply remains a fantasy because ->

Also, fortunately enough, celebrity crushes have yet to even arrive anywhere near that fantasy zone level. It just so happens that fictional boyfriends get my more possessive(?) side. Hah, the force is strong for my fangirl self.

5. If I were the Chosen One…

I will ask you if you have back-ups, because you read #3? Yeah.

anywhere's better than here - harry

6. If I were gorgeous in terms of Allsee (Ya know, the Asgardian’s Allspeak but Allsee instead?)…

Aria Montgomery from PLL

I will strut the strut, walk the walk, and not deny that my looks are anything less. Honestly, who wants to read/watch another heroine who’s so obviously better-looking-than-average but insists on otherwise despite the insistence of other people, only to *gasp* be stunned when a love interest comes along and then, realize that she is a beauty after all? Yuck.

7. If I had to go on a quest…

If my superpower/gift does not involve flight, teleportation, super speed and/or forever-fair, non-sunburn-able skin, good luck trying to drag me out of the confines of my home because I’m neither an outdoors person nor an extrovert, and I burn (and my skin tone becomes mismatched) very easily. I’m incredibly particular about my skin.

doctor who nope

8. If I have to make one, singular decision…

amanda seyfried

Let it be known that I am the worse decision maker ever because unless it greatly affects me, I will not be able to decide on one singular something. When is this most prominent? When it regards food. I can tell you what I won’t want, but I won’t be able to decide on what I do want within an hour.

9. If I had to flirt to get what I want…

james mcaway wow

I’d probably fail most of the time because flirting is not my forte. In fact, I’m the girl who desperately needs walkthroughs to win my love interest’s heart in otome games, else I’ll end up with the BAD END.

10. If my parents don’t act like parents/adults…

I will kill you

You see that stare of death up there? That’s the first thing those parents will be treated to, followed by a verbal smackdown ’cause, ex-cuuuuse me?! What’s the point of being parents/adults if you can’t even act like of one?? You can make mistakes, you can do stupid or embarrassing things, but if you’re going to shovel your responsibilities on me while I’m barely even an adult, beware: “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned / Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned” (The Mourning Bride1697).

How would you react if you were in a similar situation? Would you be the perfect YA heroine? Or not? Let me know in the comments below!

(And yes, I’ve certainly entered the GIFs phase. They’re so eye-catching!)


10 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Would Be The Worst YA Heroine (Or Not??)

    1. Aw naw, I don’t think you’d be the worst! We can be fun heroines together 😂 The world might be destroyed because of us, but hey, whoever who’s writing our story won’t let that happen, haha 😂😂

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