3 Years?! OMG, SWHA is a Pre-Schooler now!

Excuse the title, that’s me just trying to be funny, which I’m not most of the time.

amanda seyfried

But yeah, despite only renewing my efforts on this blog in 2016, today marks the 3rd year anniversary of Snow White Hates Apples and gosh, I’ve only achieved ONE great thing.

And, what singular great thing is that? Obviously, meeting you guys and gals!


Seriously, some of you may already know this but the purpose of SWHA in both WordPress and Instagram forms, is simply for me to meet more people in the bibliophile-tsundoku-book-reviewer-whatsit-whatsthat world. Which I did. So yeah, although I’m unable to actively stalk your blogs and read and like and comment on every single one of your new posts (thanks for being a spoilsport university!), I’m definitely super thrilled to have met all of you.

Really, thanks so much for everything, everyone! Your patience, kindness, willingness, support—just everything. I’m so happy that SWHA has lived for 3 years already and without all of you, I’d probably have deleted everything related to it. Seriously, I originally had a book blog prior to SWHA but fickle me couldn’t stick to it and well, I deleted it.

So yeah, I’m gonna raise an imaginary drink to all of this, hope that SWHA will continue to live, and that I’ll meet more lovely people and maintain the various degrees of friend-/acquaintance-/fan- all those -ships that I already have with all of you (and please forgive me if I’m absent now and then! I wish university doesn’t take so much of my life but…it does OTL) Y_(´┏・┓`)ノ゙






7 thoughts on “3 Years?! OMG, SWHA is a Pre-Schooler now!

    1. Thank you so much and good luck!! ❤ ❤ Super happy to meet more Malaysian bibliophiles—I thought we're close to extinction! 😂 I really like your bookstagram feed too like omg, why did I not notice it earlier?! 😱


      1. Bahaha, I think there are more my bibliophiles out there growing like a mushroom. Woah, glad you like it cause I’ve kinda in the level to enhance and maintaining my feed aesthetic. Hehe.

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