SWW : Acquiescence – A Poem

Snow White Writing is a writing segment where I write about my writing journey and share some of my works as well.

Hello everyone!

I’ve recently finished writing eleven poems for a mini collection of mine (which includes Cracked Hearts and Debt) and well, here’s the titular poem.

NOTE: This work belongs to me. Please do not steal, copy, etc. Sharing (please inform me when you do so) is fine as long as you link back to this WordPress and include my name.

Constructive criticism is always welcomed!


There’s a half-dead mongrel in Tony’s wild
irises, rasping acquiescence into my lungs.

A question dies before being birthed from my
mouth and my bloom shrivels behind curved bones.

He doesn’t say but I hear—the water in my veins
poisoned our field of painted youth, dulled

polychromatic camellias traced on pale and
tanned skins. I inhale and turpentine is there,

stamping its hooves, flickering its tail, ready to
bring me away. I exhale and climb aboard. There’s

a whiff of inky, bitter coffee, buried under earth
and stallion. Before silence is all Tony recalls of

me, the half-dead mongrel leaps from his calming
irises and finds a new home in mine.





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