One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus

One-of-us-is-lyingOne of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus
Published: 2017 by Penguin
Genre(s): Young Adult, Contemporary, Mystery, Thriller
Pages: 358
Format: kindle

4 stars

One of Us is Lying is fun to read (I had fun keeping an eye out for clues and figuring things out!) and it kept my attention well enough, but what’s missing for me when I read it, is the anxiety and the excitement.

It’s a definite that the characters are well written. They’re believable, relatable and I was definitely rooting hard for Bronwyn, Addy, Cooper and Nate. Moreover, their narratives are distinct enough for me to differentiate them without constantly checking after I got the hang of who’s who…Though, it would’ve been nice if one or two of them had a linguistic tic to further differentiate their voice from the others. Nevertheless, as Simon says, they’re also stereotypical—which made it easier to guess what they’d do next or what they did. As a result of this, my levels of anxiety and excitement were unfortunately lowered.

Furthermore, while I think it’s a fresh idea (don’t take this the wrong way) for the way Simon’s death is orchestrated, the rest of the story was pretty much expected. The plot of this book just about follows the entirety of the basic plot line of similar stories which then, resulted in even lower levels of anxiety and excitement. Normally, the sense of urgency would override plot expectations and keep one on their toes even though they’re aware of highly possible story routes and such, but well, there wasn’t any for me because anxiety and excitement levels were already low.

Other than that, I thought that the ending was a little too happy/wrapped everything up a little too nicely. I mean, it’s definitely the ending I want but I can’t be the only one who finds it odd that practically everyone gets a lover at the end, no? Particularly Ashton and Eli, because I feel like their romance came like a bolt from the blue and it’s not really necessary to the plot. It’s not like Eli does anything much to assist the main characters anyway. Plus, Ashton could’ve become a Strong Independent Woman character like Addy since she did go through a terrible break up as well.

All that aside, I honestly don’t have much to write about this book. It’s well written, the plot’s well expanded if not expected, and it has a cast of believable characters that you can’t resist rooting for. It just falls short of ‘OMG THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME’ for me because I felt no ‘rush’. And, the ‘rush’ is crucial for thrillers/suspense/mystery/crime books because no ‘rush’ = no sense of urgency = story feels flat/underwhelming. So yeah, there you have it.

(Also, am I the only one getting Stony feels from CooperXKris?! Or maybe my fangirl side has just gotten out of control and I’ve completely deluded myself into thinking there’s similarities…but that Captain America comment! Ugh, theories, theories.)




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