One Was Lost by Natalie D. Richards

28321033One Was Lost by Natalie D. Richards
Published: 2016 by Sourcebooks Fire
Genre(s): Young Adult, Thriller, Suspense
Pages: 320
Format: kindle
Book Depository

3 stars

There are times when a blurb doesn’t do its book justice, and times when a book doesn’t do its blurb justice. This, is one of the latter moments and it’s caused by two problems.

The first issue I have with One Was Lost is the fact that the characters are two-dimensional. I felt nothing for Sera, Lucas, Jude and Emily despite their backstories (which we get few detailed insights of) and their situation (which we are immediately thrown in). There is virtually no character building and even if there is any, it can be brushed aside and placed under the categories of  ‘done for the sake of survival’, ‘done due to fear’, or ‘done because death is most likely coming soon’. I couldn’t picture any of those characters as real people. They are only devices that happen to be human and are there for the sake of moving the story forward, and once they reached safety’s hands, I stopped being invested and finished the remaining chapters completely bored.

The second problem I have with this book is the large focus on the Sera/Lucas romance. I mean, I get it. You might die tomorrow so might as well die with no regrets, right? But hello, there’s a murderer out to get you—a lunatic who’s obviously not gonna stop until someone dies and you’re there, wasting time kissing each other and all that jazz while possibly being under watch by the aforesaid murderer during those moments. It’s a complete facepalm moment and I was incredibly frustrated by this stupidity of theirs.

Honestly, this book has the potential to be brilliant. The facts that the plot is cliche or that some aspects fail the logic test wouldn’t have mattered had the characters been written better because then, the characters would’ve been able to take the reader’s attention away from the ‘flaws’. Nevertheless, One Was Lost is an enjoyable enough fast-paced read.



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