[Review] Wolverine: The Long Night by Marvel and Stitcher

9d0bdb6e753f9e4d599fb444d200a196107b4b3db55c8f75be01b1456e445147f866a3972d484c87f9c3dc03836ce3d9c6c9957b33f42c19630d407282fcbf2cWolverine: The Long Night by Marvel and Stitcher
Released: 2018
Genre(s): Fiction, Superhero
Duration: 5.91 hours (not including pilot episode)
Format: Podcast
Language: English
Apple Podcasts

4.5 stars

Brought to us by Marvel and Stitcher, Wolverine: The Long Night, is my first complete listen to a podcast and perhaps the best ever podcast I have the pleasure of listening to.

When it comes to audio books and podcasts, the biggest turn-off for me involves the narrator’s voice (or the voice[s] the listener predominantly hears). If it’s not soothing enough, if the voice has this reedy quality to it, or if I can hear the sound of them opening their mouth/the saliva inside the mouth, I’m more likely to not want to listen anymore. Fortunately, Wolverine: The Long Night has a spectacular cast. Their voices are all perfect for their characters and the large majority of the acting is superb as well.

Moreover, the other sounds in this podcast help to provide a complete audio that is mixture of brilliant, complex and multilayered. It’s like watching a movie inside your mind and the only limit to this mental movie would be your realm of imagination.

Other than that, the script for this podcast is very well done. I love how the story unravels, and how it’s really immersive. The best part is that this entire podcast actually feels complete as a single story (I know there’s a sequel coming out, but even if it doesn’t, I’m satisfied enough with this one). The only aspect that I found lacking in this podcast is the presence of Logan. On one hand, it’s kind of refreshing. On the other, a little disappointing because he’s in the title but he seems more like a side character than a main character.

To conclude, the quality of this podcast is simply amazing and you should definitely give it a go if you haven’t! Just don’t expect Logan to appear as often as the agents, though.



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