[Review] The Atheist Wore Goat Silk

61qxf-EB52LThe Atheist Wore Goat Silk by Anna Journey
Published: 2017 by LSU Press
Pages: 112
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780807165683
Book Depository

4 stars

In my review of Anna Journey’s Vulgar Remedies, I mentioned that Journey has a brilliant ability to write poems that are constructed tightly, filled with immensely provocative writing, and powerful in terms of subject matter. This is again demonstrated in The Atheist Wore Goat Silk where vivid imagery meets raw emotions and clever  usage of poetic devices once more.

The overall tone of this collection is also rather grim and surreal. It is a tone which Journey wields best as she brings her words to life. I could feel the echo of emotions through her poems, and I could also attached my own meanings to them as well. This, I believe to be a very important aspect to have in one’s works because as long as your work as resonate with others and allow them to form and attach their own meanings, it can withstand the test of time.

The unconventional observations by Journey and her ability to capture fragments of the soul where others might have missed, is just another thing that leaves me in awe. However, I must also admit that not all of her poems share the aforementioned qualities, and not all of them resonated deeply with me. ‘Habitual’ is one such poem that I found lacking.

Everything considered, this collection of poetry has convinced me entirely (as if I wasn’t already convinced before) that Anna Journey is one of my utmost favorite contemporary poets ever. Among my favorite poems in this collection are ‘Accidental Blues Voice‘, ‘Past Life Evaporation Riff‘, and ‘Last Nostalgia Starting with a Piece of Spider Plant on Our Car’s Backseat‘.



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