[Review] All the Best Liars by Amelia Kahaney

3 Things About This Book
| YA Thriller Done Right | Full of Betrayals, Lies and Manipulations | Realistic and Flawed Characters |

All the Best Liars by Amelia Kahaney
Published: 2022 by Walker Books
Genre(s): Young Adult, Contemporary, Thriller
Book Depository

“Because this is girl drama.”

Since reading the magnificent Sadie by Courtney Summers, I’ve hunted all over for the next amazing YA thriller and All the Best Liars is everything I wanted in one.

Set in the California dessert, we have three distinct characters who were best friends in childhood but later broke apart due to their changing circumstances. Syd is the good one—the kid who excels academically, who’s rather innocent, naive and morally upright. Rain is beautiful and well-meaning, though a little bit of a misfit. Brie is the queen bee—smart, nouveau riche and unafraid to be mean. Despite their differences, they remain drawn to each other even after splitting up and unfortunately for them, this doesn’t spell a happy reunion for all.

While the plot sounds typical, the execution of the story is masterful. I completely adore how realistically flawed the characters are (as much as I disliked one of the characters, it was easy to understand where she’s coming from), and how their different perspectives came together because it really shows how one singular event can be seen in a variety of ways based on one’s own understanding and interpretation.

The writing also perfectly captures the reality of teenage/younger friendships and the pressuring need to change one’s circumstances for the better—all while solidly bringing to life the atmosphere and emotions without making everything feel repetitive or overdone. The way the subplots added to the main storyline instead of distracting us from it was refreshing. Plus, the way the tension and suspense was brought up a notch through the switching perceptiveness and time changes were nicely done. Not a single moment felt wasted or a waste of time here.

If you adore books by Courtney Summers or in general, YA thrillers filled with lies, betrayals, manipulation and little to none of proper, open communication, All the Best Liars is a book you must read.

Thank you so much Pansing for sending me a copy of this in exchange for an honest review! All the Best Liars by Amelia Kahaney is available at all good bookstores.



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