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Random Talk : Books My Favorite Idol Reads

Hello everyone! As you all probably already know, I’ve been slipping super hard into the KPop life (Bless Nu’est, bless Seventeen, bless Wanna One, Jeong Sewoon, BTS, Heize, and all the artists I stan). So, I’ve decided to write a post ramble about one of my favorite idols and the books he reads! After all, reading… Continue reading Random Talk : Books My Favorite Idol Reads

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My Book Depository Experience

Hello everyone! It’s been years since I’ve first heard of Book Depository but I’ve never tried it until recently when Malaysia’s Kinokuniya failed to have the editions of The Duchess of Malfi and Antony and Cleopatra that I desperately needed for university (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ So, I decided that it was high time that I tried out the aforementioned site and… Continue reading My Book Depository Experience

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New Year, New (nah) Reading Goals

Although today feels no different from yesterday (ah, university, a life wherein your dates blend so well together you can’t tell anymore), my calendar says that it’s officially 2018. And, as we all know, one exciting thing about the new year is New Year Resolutions New Reading Challenges!!! Just kidding. About the “new” part, that… Continue reading New Year, New (nah) Reading Goals


Monthly Wrap-Up – December 2017

THE YEAR IS ENDING, OH MY GOODNESS, THE YEAR IS ENDING!!! (And I haven’t even finished Sleeping Beauties yet ahfajdfhksh!?!?!?!?) I don’t know about you but I feel like 2017 has been a huge mess for me, especially towards the end of the year—like everything just snowballed and I missed out the entire November, urk. …But hey,… Continue reading Monthly Wrap-Up – December 2017