Monthly Wrap-Up – June 2017

HOLO EVERYONE! I’ve been on an insane Simply Nailogical and Jenna Marbles binge last month (why are they such wonderful and addictive-to-watch people?😭), and because of them, I haven’t been reading as much not-fan-fiction books as I should’ve, ahahaha… BUT THAT ASIDE, I’VE REACHED 200+ FOLLOWERS. THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU BEAUTIFUL SOULS!!! ❤❤❤ Seriously, a… Continue reading Monthly Wrap-Up – June 2017

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5 Ways to Beat Reader’s Block

Hey all! A reading slump—or what I’d like to call a ‘reader’s block’ when I’m having a brain fart—is a common “condition” (the Google Gods have defined writer’s block as a condition so a reader’s block must be the same!) readers face. It can be long-term or short-term but whatever-term it is, it’s terrible. I hate… Continue reading 5 Ways to Beat Reader’s Block