Rating System

SWHA uses a non-sugar-coating five-apples rating system to rank each book with five apples being the highest and one apple being the lowest. The reviews are also written without any sugar-coating and I try to cover as many aspects (plot, characterization, world-building, etc) of the book as possible. However, since the reviews are based on personal opinion, there can be hints of bias.

5 stars(Left to Right: 1 apple -> 5 apples)

0.5/5 apples = Horrendous! This book is a waste of my time, of paper (if printed) and  of money (if bought). There are no redeeming qualities whatsoever and if it weren’t against my love for books, I would chuck this into the trash. This book shouldn’t be published in this state, at all.

1/5 apples = Terrible, just bloody terrible. This book shouldn’t be published like this, especially when it has room for improvement. The author/editor/other member of the staff involved could’ve done many times better with this book.

2/5 apples = Uggggh. This book could’ve been better—in fact, read this at your own risk because it’s disappointing. There are some good points, but the bad ones eclipse it. This book has a very high chance of not staying on my shelf.

3/5 apples = Meh. It’s good but not to the point that I’d go raving about it. There’s a lot of generic stuff and not enough wow-factors. Might not read this again but it’ll stay on my shelf.

4/5 apples= I like it! There’s a lot of things I enjoyed about this book but there’s still something missing—emotion? Characterization? Plot uniqueness/development? I’d read this again some day, though.

5/5 apples = BRILLIANT! Just about everything is on point and I’ll have no problems raving/loving about this book at all. This books will forever stay on my shelf and you should really, really give it a go. It’s precious.