Rating System

Snow White Hates Apples uses a rating system of up to 5 apples to rank each book. The highest rating is 5 apples while the lowest (not including DNFed books) is half an apple.

All reviews are written in complete honesty and any criticism given is meant to be constructive. I do my best to cover as many aspects (plot, characterization, execution of the story, world-building, etc) of the book as possible, whenever necessary. However, since the reviews are based on personal opinion, bias can be present.

DNFed. Never gonna pick this one up again.

0.5/5 APPLES
100% not recommended. This book has no redeeming qualities—or well, it’s only redeeming quality is that one can actually read it in its entirety.

Nope. This book barely met any expectations and has a lot of room for improvement.

Hmmm. This book could’ve been better—in fact, read this at your own risk because it can get disappointing. There’s some good stuff, but not enough.

On the fence. It’s an alright read and I think it has more potential than what’s currently going on with it. This book would’ve been amazing had certain things been done differently.

I like it! There’s many things in this book that I enjoyed, though there’s a little something missing—emotional depth? Characterisation? Plot uniqueness/twists or plot development? I’d read this again some day, though.

BRILLIANT! Just about everything is on point and I’ll have no problems raving/loving about this book at all. This book will forever stay on my shelf and you should really, really give it a read. It’s amazing.