Review Policy

Snow White Hates Apples accepts requests for reviews and promotions from authors and publishers for English books only.

In accordance to the Rating System (👈 please read this first!), all reviews will be posted on this blog and on my Goodreads. Depending on the book format, pictures of the book will be posted on my Instagram as well. However, if you’d like me to post my review on another website or social media platform, please let me know.


Reading Preferences

As mentioned in my ‘About’ page, I’m a huge fan of gray characters, antiheroes, characters who aren’t afraid to be vicious and cunning, angst, tragedy and BAMFs. Thus, I’m fine with graphic descriptions of gore and violence. I also appreciate diverse characters.

When it comes to reading preferences, I…

Highly Prefer (any of the following genres and associated sub-genres)

  • Young Adult – fantasy, action, horror, thriller
  • Thriller – psychological, suspense, action, mystery
  • Fiction – Asian literature, postmodernist and modernist fiction, magical realism, absurdist

Would Read

  • Light Novels, Short Stories, Novellas – that has any of the elements stated above at ‘Highly Prefer’
  • Graphic Novels – that has any of the elements stated above at ‘Highly Prefer’
  • Young Adult – Contemporary, Romance
  • Thriller – paranormal

Would Not Read

  • Poetry*
  • Erotica
  • New Adult*
  • Children’s Fiction*
  • Middle Grade Fiction*
  • Religious Texts
  • Memoirs/Biographies
  • Essays, both academic and not
  • And, most (if not all) non-fiction books

*Although I do occasionally read and review these genres, I prefer not to.

Please Note

  1. Hard copies (paperbacks or hardcovers) are preferred. E-books (.epub, .acsm or kindle) are also accepted.
  2. Reviews for ARCs and e-galleys will be posted before their publication date whenever possible, unless explicitly mentioned that it’s crucial to have the review out prior to the publication date. Reviews for other books can also be posted within a specific time frame as long as it is mentioned.
  3. If the book is part of a series and cannot be read as a standalone, I may need the previous book(s) as well in order to write a more holistic review.
  4. Should my rating of a title be less than 3 stars, I will contact you and provide the review draft so we can discuss on how to proceed.

To Request a Review

To request a review, please fill out the contact form and I will reply you as soon as possible.

Please include the following information in your request:

  1. Title & Author
  2. Publication Date
  3. Genre(s)
  4. Synopsis
  5. Book Format (ARC, paperback, hardcover, ebook, kindle, .acsm)
  6. Any additional information I may need to know (review deadline, media kit, etc)

**I do not accept each and every review request.